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Monday, November 19, 2012

Award Winning Chemical Dependency Programs

New Dawn Treatment Centers -- with 4 locations in Northern California -- have been treating chemical dependency through their many treatment programs for over 25 years. Their commitment to excellence in wellness and recovery has been a standout for decades, employing a variety of different techniques to ensure rehabilitation in its clients.

All of New Dawn's chemical dependency treatment programs first address the underlying conditions that affect and enable the dependency to the drug or drugs causing the addictions. By addressing these underlying issues, and bringing them to the forefront of attention, a higher rate of success can be attained in stopping the habitual use of the drugs, and preventing incidents of relapse.

With four locations conveniently located around the Bay Area of San Francisco, their treatment centers offer peaceful and serene setting that are both conducive and integral to the healing process. New dawn has locations centered in:

New Dawn Recovery Center: Citrus Heights #1

New Dawn Recovery Center: Citrus Heights #2

New Dawn Recovery Center: Sausalito #1

New Dawn Recovery Center: Sausalito #2

Visit the official website to learn more about program options, requirements, and amenities of New Dawn Recovery HERE.

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