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Monday, January 14, 2013

Women's Drug Rehab In CA

There are a great many differences in the way men and women handle mental, physical, and spiritual factors and stimuli in their lives. Women tend to deal with issues from a more empathetic approach, while a man's response to these same issues tends to be a more utilitarian approach. Nowhere is this more evident than when dealing with issues of addiction, and the way these issues are approached by sets of men and sets of women.

Recent studies have suggested that men and women go through different "times of greater risk" when it comes to the danger of using, experimenting with, or becoming dependent on alcohol or other types of drugs. The studies illustrate that when when a woman goes through her time of greater risk (18-34), the chances of addiction forming in a woman's brain is much higher than the chance of addiction taking hold on a man's brain. In other years, however, the risks are reversed, leaving men in their 30s more apt to develop addictions.

The signs that addiction truly does work differently from a man's brain to a woman's is the basis for new calls to action -- in the behavioral health industry -- for more gender specific 12 step recovery programs and drug treatment programs. These proponents stress the fact that in order to truly reach deep into the addicts' lives, and give them effective, quality treatment, is to focus on the base attitudes and trends seen in the specific genders, and treat the addiction based on programs that focus on gender.

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